Town and Parish Services

Neighbourhood Plans: Are you keen to deliver a Neighbourhood Plan for your town or village but are worried by the scale and volume of the work involved. If so we can assist you project manage your Neighbourhood Plan from start to finish.

Health & Safety : We can provide complete H&S reviews of your Councils undertakings, carry out full risk assessments and provide appropriate method statements. We provide clear and sensible advice and recommendations as to your H&S needs. Our work can extend to buildings, play areas, skate parks, sports grounds and cemeteries as well as full reviews of practices and procedures carried out by your Council’s staff.

Grant Advice,  Support and Bid Writing: Need a new or refurbished Village Hall ? New Play Area? New War Memorial ? or have some other project for your town or village that needs grant funding. If so we can assist you along the way. Please contact us to discuss how we can help.

Clerk Locum Services: Has your Clerk retired, fallen ill or simply left work. Whatever the circumstances  we can help to ensure that your Council continues to operate by providing a locum Clerk, we will ensure that the Council remains legally compliant, continues to meet its duties and if required we can assist you in recruiting a permanent replacement.

Internal Audit: It is a requirement that Public Bodies undertake an annual internal audit of their affairs. We are able to provide a tailored internal audit service relevant to the size and scope of your Councils undertakings.

Governance Review: Making decisions in Councils can sometimes be hard and in some cases Councils are not always ensuring that their decision making processes are followed. In some cases Councils have no tangible processes at all. We can undertake a review of your governance processes and help you ensure that you are working in a way that is befitting of a public authority.

Legal Compliance: Are you doing it right ? It can often be hard for smaller parishes to ensure that they are doing everything they should be doing. Your Council may only have a part time Clerk working a few hours a week and your Councillors are all volunteers. With legislation changing all the time let us undertake a review of your practices and advise if and where you may need to make some changes.

Project Management: Are you looking to undertake a major capital project. Perhaps you are building a community centre or new skate park or have some other project planned. We can assist by providing project management support to your venture.

Policy Development: Too often policies are developed only to go ignored because they do not appropriately reflect the resources and practicalities of running your Council. Let us assist you in advising upon and developing policies that work for you.

Councillor Training and Development: Bespoke training sessions delivered on your doorstep. We can deliver training that will specifically meet the needs of your Council.